Weed Near Me for the Perfect Aerobic Workout & Recovery

Cannabis is no longer a narcotic for “lazy” persons, with tens of millions of people using it. More study has also helped to debunk long-held beliefs. One of the most pernicious misconceptions is that marijuana is a narcotic for “lazy” individuals. It’s far worse than that!

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In fact, marijuana’s cannabinoids might assist you power your workout.

There’s a misconception that sativa strains are energizing, whereas indicas make you drowsy. The relationship is real, but it’s due to the cannabinoid and terpene concentrations in strains, rather than their species.

It’s also true that most sativas have a mix of chemicals that make them more active. Indicas, on the other hand, are known for having compounds that help you relax. A sativa-dominant hybrid, on the other hand, might result in a soothing sensation; an indica-dominant strain may cause the opposite effects of cannabis.

What we’re going to show you in this post is proof that cannabis can assist your athletic activities. We finish by discussing three strains for exercise and three for post-workout recovery.

The ‘Lazy Stoner’ Myth Busted

Why are marijuana users less likely to be obese? A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in October 2011 by Le Strat and Le Foll revealed something incredible. Compared to those who did not use cannabis in the previous year, people who used it at least three times a week had a significantly lower incidence of obesity.

A recent research published in Frontiers in Public Health in April 2019 by YorkWilliams et al. was yet another blow to the ‘weed makes you a sloth’ hypothesis. The researchers polled over 600 cannabis users from ‘legal’ American states about their exercise routines and health issues.

According to the survey, 80% of respondents smoked marijuana just before or immediately after working out. They spent more time exercising in ‘minute per week’ terms than those who didn’t combine the two. Approximately 70% of those who responded to the poll said that using the plant before a workout increased their enjoyment.

Another hypothesis is that the euphoric feeling experienced while running is due to chemical interactions. The term “runner’s high” refers to a euphoric sensation that occurs when a person reaches their optimal exercise intensity. Endorphins have long been suggested as the cause, despite no proof. Another notion is that the pleasant emotional state you experience after working out originates in your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Many respondents in the survey acknowledged that marijuana helps them complete a difficult workout they would otherwise avoid. Furthermore, 78% of respondents said the substance helped them recover more quickly.

Don’t Expect to Break Personal Bests

According to historical and current evidence, cannabis makes you more inclined to want to exercise. However, it is unlikely to aid in record breaking. Yes, a few people will buck the trend. One of the survey participants claims she achieved her best marathon time running the Boston Marathon.

She ate a hash brownie before the race. She acknowledged that she was familiar with the course. The athlete also had a strong pre-race preparation period. She claimed, however, that the brownie made her feel great and gave her no pain.

As any marathon runner can tell you, one of the most difficult things about completing a race is the pain you endure as you go.

In September 2018, a study by Ware et al. was published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine that investigated how marijuana affects elite athletes’ performance. Cannabis use degrade peak performance, according to this quantitative research. Because it was a qualitative study, they don’t know how much cannabis has on a workout.

Nonetheless, if you want to break a record, it appears that cannabis is not the best option. Pot isn’t likely to assist with your timing or critical thinking, either. Because it lowers blood pressure and elevates heart rate, it’s not a good idea for individuals on adrenaline to take it while they’re high. Indeed, do not attempt to exercise when high the first time you attempt to work out!

Marijuana, along with a few other substances, may improve your level of enjoyment. This makes it potentially suited for routine “boring” activities that must be carried out over and over again without being overly taxed.

Choosing the Right Strain for a Workout

Remember that everyone’s reaction to cannabis is different. If you’ve never used it before, consider giving it a try first! Start with a little amount and see how you respond. Also, keep things simple on the following day. For example, if you want to run a distance that is typically easy for you,

Don’t assume that sativa-dominant mixes will give you energy and indica-dominant strains will make you sleepy. That said, most people like to smoke a sativa strain before working out. Individuals who want a post-workout high usually choose for an indica strain to help recovery.

You might also discover that certain strains are more effective for particular tasks. What is helpful during a routine run may not be useful in a HIIT workout, and so on. It’s also a good idea to try cannabis oil or an edible. If you go this route, expect it to take at least an hour to work. Vaping marijuana is another option that offers quicker results.

Great Strains for an Aerobic Workout

We’ve compiled a list of strains to assist you boost your exercising and recover from it, as well as three strains that can help you enhance your workout.


This may be the greatest strain for jogging. It’s a cross of Swiss and Thai sativas, a Nepali indica, and Colombian Gold. Harlequin is recognized for its high proportion of THC and CBD. You could obtain as much as 15% THC and 10% CBD.

Users report a sensation of weightlessness but never experience being overwhelmed by an intoxicating high. It’s full of myrcene, a terpene known for its anti-inflammatory properties. You may find Harlequin to be easier to get started with or finish those last few difficult miles.

Pineapple Express

Because of its reputation from the Pineapple Express film, some claim that this strain is overrated. However, it’s a nice, mellow high-giving cannabis variety. This, of course, goes in stark contrast to what was shown in the movie! Trainwreck and Hawaiian are the parents.

It can appear to be too powerful with a THC level of up to 25% and only 1% CBD, but it isn’t. It has a more even high than you might expect. Users also remark that it gives them an energizing buzz that transforms a dull workout into something enjoyable. If you want to go on a lengthy trek up a mountain, Pineapple Express is worth considering.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a powerful, yet relatively uncommon pre-workout strain. It’s another great choice for before-workout usage, and it has a THC level of up to 20 percent. It has less CBD than most other marijuana strains, but some people use it as a substitute for their morning cup of coffee.

The first stage is a powerful cerebral high that helps to inspire and revitalize you. It has the ability to give you the extra ‘kick’ you need while working out. If you’re doing a high-intensity aerobics session, it’s an excellent choice.

Great Strains for Post-Workout Recovery

Please note that user testimonials are what influence the idea that cannabis aids in recovery. There is evidence suggesting anti-inflammatory activities, but not enough to make a firm recommendation right now. If you’re still interested and want to learn more, here are three interesting strains for you.

Great White Shark

The strain’s name is a reference to the fact that it’s bred from a sativa, an indica, and a Super Skunk. It’s a sativa-dominant variety, but it deviates from the norm in several ways. Great White Shark may help with creativity and has THC levels ranging from 12% to 21%. It has less CBD yet delivers a strong high owing in part to its low CBD content.

Despite its sativa qualities, this plant may help you become more calm and serene. Users frequently turn to it in an effort to relieve any anxiety they are experiencing. Others say that Great White Shark is great for dealing with constant ache. You might discover that it helps relieve stiffness and allow you to go about your business.

Girl Scout Cookies

The name is deceptively non-threatening, given that Girl Scout Cookies is a strong strain. It’s a little indica-dominant hybrid made up of OG Kush and Durban Poison. With a THC concentration of more than 28%, it has the potential to hit you hard, so novices should stay clear!

The beginning of the high is felt in the temples and then travels throughout the body. Girl Scout Cookies is said to be a great social cannabis strain, according to those who like it. You will enjoy the beneficial bodily effects of your exercise as your body relaxes in total euphoria once you’ve finished.


LA OG Kush is a cross of OG Kush and LA Confidential. Its fruity taste makes it popular among consumers, and it’s regarded as one of the greatest “lazy day” strains available. The THC content can differ significantly, ranging from 12% to 24%. It’s a somewhat indica-leaning hybrid that may help you unwind. Users have claimed that LA OG Kush makes them feel drowsy.

LA OG is a wonderful way to unwind after an extended exercise session. It relaxes muscles and leaves you with a sense of calm that lasts for hours. Users can become overwhelmed by the high, which might take up to 20 minutes before emerging.

Final Thoughts

There’s a strain for whatever you choose to do. Whether you’re doing a high-intensity workout or something more low-impact, there’s almost certainly a strain that’ll appeal to you. Sativa leaning cannabis is typically preferred before exercise, whereas indica dominant hybrids are the choice for post-workout recuperation. There’s no such thing as absolute neutrality in this case.

You may also sample other strains. In the comments area, tell us how you do with the strains listed above. Finally, before or after a workout, be cautious when using marijuana. It’s also advisable to avoid cannabis throughout a training session!

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