Kelowna same-day weed delivery in the Kelowna area of Canada

Kelowna same-day weed delivery

The City of Kelowna is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Weed Perfect Delivery to deliver good quality, high-quality cannabis in the city. This partnership represents a significant milestone for Kelowna and the local industry. Kelowna same-day weed delivery service is the first to deliver cannabis in 24 hours. Cannabis consumers can now order a pre-packed package that includes the cannabis they need and pay for it only when they need it. This takes care of the demand for cannabis on-demand – an opportunity that’s only worth pursuing when there are existing demand factors in place to deliver cannabis on-demand.

In the case of Kelowna, the city already has been home to the largest grower in BC and a dedicated state-of-the-art facility that produces premium products on a large scale.“We’re excited to be able to deliver cannabis in Kelowna on demand with Weed Perfect Delivery,” says Mike McLaughlin, President of Weed Perfect Delivery. “We are seeing strong demand for high quality cannabis products and we want to address it immediately wherever possible. We have seen over 60 orders from people who are anticipating very high quality flower at their doorstep.

Kelowna same-day weed delivery

The Kelowna facility is the designated Grower of Choice for Kelowna same-day weed delivery, who will deliver the cannabis flowers to their customers in Kelowna. The city of Kelowna has shown strong commitment and interest in being a leader in providing quality cannabis products for its citizens by proposing to put $15 million into a new plant to generate demand for high quality and affordable flower throughout the city. We’re excited that Weed Perfect Delivery will be helping us offer high-quality and affordable cannabis flower at our grower of choice in Kelowna.

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