What Is Kief And What Do You Do With It?

Kief, in case you didn’t know, is the trichomes and crystals that cover cannabis plants. You’ve undoubtedly seen the thick coat of trichomes and crystals covering the plant itself if you’ve ever handled cannabis plants. These trichomes can generate dust that, when collected in sufficient quantity, forms a highly concentrated “powder.” Have you ever noticed how much residue on your hands after dealing marijuana? That’s kief! Looking to try something new? Check out this.

What Is Kief?

The cannabis plant is covered with trichomes, which look like tiny crystals. These compounds, including THC, CBD, terpenes, and other substances, are what make up kief. Kief is a form of marijuana that results from the drying and breaking off of these trichomes from the plant. Kief is a highly effective and popular component of the cannabis plant that, if utilized correctly, can assist to take your smoking experience to a new level.

When collected, kief most frequently has a somewhat darker color than the buds and trichomes themselves, and it appears to be a greenish-hue. It is not as sticky as the buds or trichomes.

How To Collect Kief

Three-Chamber Grinder

The simplest approach to collect kief on your own is to utilize a three-chamber herb grinder when breaking down your marijuana. A three-chamber grinder usually has tiny stainless steel screens and a distinct chamber for catching any kief powder that falls off your cannabis flower.

As the flower is ground, the second chamber captures the plant material present in the herb, while microscopic trichomes pass through the screen and into the bottom of the grinder. These trichomes may get trapped inside your grinder if you use a single chamber grinder. A three-chamber gringer is convenient for collecting small quantities of kief passively.

Screen Method

To gather larger amounts of kief from your cannabis, all you need is a silk screen similar to those used in t-shirt printing. These are available at most art supply shops. The LPI rating of these screens (lines per inch) indicates how fine or coarse they will sift material. To filter cannabis flower for its kief, use a screening with an LPI range between 80 and 270.

Many people sift for kief by using a succession of screens with progressively smaller holes to refine their kief further with each one. If you use a single screen, you’ll get less green stuff in your kief and have a higher LPI.

A kief box or a flat-screen sifter may be purchased online for a little bit more. These specialty goods, which are intended to collect the best possible kief while losing as little as possible, are available in a variety of cannabis accessory stores and even from some big-box shops.

The screen method for sifting cannabis is to put finely ground material on top of the screen and then move it lightly around the screen with a used gift card, credit card, or other light touch using an antique cash. After sifting your marijuana flower for kief, you should collect it in a container to avoid wasting any of it. Since the trichomes in kief contain plant cannabinoids, after sifting your cannabis flower for kief, its potency will be lower.

Kief is also available at a number of licensed marijuana dispensaries. To retain the potency and quality of your home-grown or store-bought kief, keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark, and dry location. Every few days, using a comb, stir the kief to keep it from coagulating.

How To Use Kief

Kief, which is derived from cannabis leaves, can be used in a variety of ways. For years, smokers have been using it creatively. You may have seen blunts or pre-rolls at your local dispensary that claim to be “kief-infused” or include kief. Some of the greatest ways to utilize kief on your own are as follows:

Top Your Bowls With Kief

Kief may be put on top of the bowl you’re smoking from to provide a punch of flavor and additional effects. This might come from a hand pipe or a bong, and it can add both taste and additional effects to an ordinary bowl alone. Kief is delicate, so use it sparingly for special events!

Put Some Kief In A Joint

If you’re rolling a joint or blunt, adding some kief to the mix might help you improve its effects and provide it with a nice little kick. To wet the outside of the joint before dipping the end in kief is a popular technique. This is an elegant and amusing embellishment that will take your joints and blunts to new heights while impressing everyone!

Make Moon Rocks

Wondered why moon rocks last so long? Kief! Moon rocks are simply nuggets that have been coated in hash oil and then rolled in kief. They’re extremely potent and burn for a long time. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend it!

Make Hash

Hash is a kind of cannabis that has been around since time immemorial. It’s made by rolling kief into small balls or bricks and then smoking it.

It’s a nice touch to any smoking device or accessory, and it’s amusing to include it to your preferred smoking equipment or accessories. It adds a little bit of excitement to your smoking experience, and you’ll be shocked at the extra strength it delivers overall. So, next time you get some flowers from your local shop, don’t throw away the kief!

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