Tips for Buying the Right RC Car

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If you’re ready to buy an RC car in our shop, there’s a few things to consider. Of course, you’ll want to account for your budget and use that as a starting point for what type of car you can purchase. Following are some tips for choosing the right RC car for you.


The cost of an RC car can vary based on size, features, and components. Before making any decisions, identify your budget and this will help narrow down the field of available options. For example, an RC car with a huge gas engine will cost more than others, as will be cars with top-tier components like motors and batteries.

Skill Level

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Consider what type of terrain and surfaces you’ll be running your RC car on most often. A beginner-level user may enjoy a basic starter kit like those typically found on hobby store shelves. These models are made to handle motorized racing on flat surfaces while still being fast enough to be fun.

Power Source

Another important thing to consider is what type of power source is driving the RC car—electric or gas? Electric models are generally less expensive and easier to maintain compared to gas-powered cars that require more upkeep such as frequent refueling and oil changes. The power source will also determine how fast the car can go; gas-powered models are usually faster than electric cars due to their more powerful engines.

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