Simple hacks to keep weeds out of your garden

Simple hacks to keep weeds out of your garden

Weeds can be pesky to keep out of your garden, but with a few simple hacks, you can reduce their presence significantly with


Mulching around your flowers and plants can help keep weeds away as it interrupts the cycle of weed germination and growth. If you decide to use organic mulch in your garden, like wood chips or leaf litter, just be aware that these can eventually break down and release nitrogen into the soil. This makes for an ideal growing environment for weeds – so you’ll need to add more mulch every couple of months if you’re using organic mulches.

Pulling or Digging Weeds

If you spot weeds in your garden, try pulling them up right away – this will help prevent them from releasing their seeds and spreading further. If they’ve already spread to multiple spots in the garden, try digging them up instead – this will get rid of the entire root system and stop them from regrowing.

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Plant-Based Weed Controls

Planting certain herbs near other plants in your garden is another great way to reduce weed population – some herbs have powerful oils that work as natural weed killers. For example, chamomile, marigold and peppermint emit odors that ward off certain types of weeds due to their chemical properties.

By investing a little time and effort into maintaining your garden from weeds, you can reap the rewards all season long.

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