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When it comes to picking out the right Ottawa weed for personal use, you don’t have to go too fancy but you do need to consider a few things. One of the most critical factors is potency. It’s important to know how much THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) is in the buds so that you can understand how strong it is.

How to choose weed for personal use

You should also think about terpenes, which are compounds that produce fragrance and flavor and can influence the effects. Some Ottawa weed strains may have more of an uplifting effect while others could give more of a body buzz.

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Plus, there’s strain type—indica, sativa and hybrids—which can affect your high in various ways. Indica often causes a “body stone” with calm, relaxed feelings that may promote sleep; sativa usually provides a “cerebral high” with more energetic or even psychedelic sensations; and hybrids often combine effects from both indica and sativa for something truly unique.

It’s also important to compare prices among different strains as well as specials and discounts offered by some delivery services in Ottawa. In addition to all these factors, be sure to read reviews on each strain before making your purchase so you can get a better understanding of what others think about it before giving it a try yourself!

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