Mississauga Cannabis Store – Where to Buy Cannabis in Mississauga, Ontario?

Are you looking for a cannabis store in Mississauga? The best place to start is the official website mississaugacannabis.store of the City of Mississauga. As of February 2018, there are 10 cannabis stores that have been approved by the city and are ready to serve residents who are looking for a place to buy marijuana. As with any business, it’s always important to research and ensure you’re getting one of the few licensed establishments. If you’re still not sure where to find a cannabis store in Mississauga, there is an unofficial guide on our blog that can help!

The Future of Marijuana Stores in Mississauga

The future of marijuana stores in Mississauga is looking bright as it has seen a rise in the number of marijuana dispensaries online.


As cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream, the need for online marijuana stores has increased as well. This will allow consumers to purchase cannabis products without having to travel a long distance to physical locations.

The Good Old Days of Retail Weed Sales Are Gone

The legal cannabis industry has seen a major change in the last few years. More and more states have legalized cannabis, and the market is making a comeback.

The old-school retail weed sales are gone, replaced by online sales and delivery services. The market is more competitive than ever before, with new companies popping up every day to compete for your business.

Retailers will need to find new ways to stay relevant in the cannabis industry if they want to survive in these changing times like a initiative mississaugacannabis.store

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