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Now that you know what factors to consider when picking a store, it’s time to decide what type of weed you want to purchase. There are many types of Laval weed that vary in quality, strength and taste. That’s why it’s important to consider the different types of cannabis when choosing a store in Laval.

How to choose type of weed for smoking

Sativa is the most common type found in stores, as it provides a more mental-oriented effect and is ideal for creative activities such as drawing or painting. This type of weed is usually light green with long thin buds and has a smell similar to pine or citrus.

Indica is a more relaxing type of Laval weed that provides an uplifting feeling rather than creative effects. It usually has a sweet/skunky smell, which can sometimes be accompanied by an earthy smell. It also tends to be darker green than Sativa and has short, wide buds.

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Hybrid strains are created by cross-breeding two different types of marijuana, typically Sativa and Indica together. This is done in order to get the most desirable traits from each strain while reducing the negative effects like headaches or paranoia that can come with either one alone. These strains tend to have both physical and mental effects depending on the mix ratio between Sativa and Indica in them.

When choosing a weed store in Laval, take into account the various types of cannabis available so you can make sure that you choose one that best suits your particular needs.

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